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Wong uses the acronym CANE to help clients understand the ways the various items–like Atalig’s water fountain and African violets–can be placed for maximum effect. CANE stands for color, animal, number, and element. “They’re equally important,” Wong says. “For example, if you want to activate money, there are four locations: business and career, which is north; fame and fortune, which is south; wealth and material abundance, which is southeast; and prosperity, which is east. So you put the color, the animal, the number, or the element of those directions in those places.”

ba gua

For the south, the color is red, the animal is a bird, the number is nine, and the element is fire. “Nine red candles or things that look like fire or represent flames, or a picture of an exploding volcano in Hawaii, or a picture of birds–it’s any combination,” Wong says. “You don’t have to paint the whole wall red, just maybe put all of your red books there in a bookcase.”

Using what you already have is where creativity comes in. “She just goes around your house or office and tells you where to place things,” Atalig says. “She finds different places for your things.”

The map that determines the locations of the various areas is the bagua, an octagon divided into eight wedges. Each wedge relates to specific “aspects.” In the Compass School, each of the sections corresponds to a direction. According to Wong, the ba-gua breaks down like so:

* North–business, success, career

* South–fame and fortune, long life, happiness

* West–children

* East–family, harmony, health

* Northeast–knowledge

* Northwest–father, support, trade, travel

* Southwest–love, marriage, romance, motherhood

* Southeast–wealth, fortune

The ba-gua can be used for the building as a whole or room by room.

Perhaps the biggest key to feng shui has more to do with your mind and spirit than where you place your potted palm. “It’s very holistic,” Wong says. “Feng shui is the fourth leg of a table. You cannot practice good feng shui if you neglect the other three legs. If you have one strong leg and three weak legs, what’s going to happen? The table will wobble. You have to take care of your spiritual self, your emotional self, and your intellectual self, and then practice feng shui. The other three are internal and feng shui is external, but they all work in concert with each other.”

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