Where to buy Cheaper Efagrow?

Well, that was one of the question that hits me when my breastmilk is running low (as in the baby is demanding more than the increasing in supply). I have been scouting around namely Aeon, Chinese Herb stores and 99 Supermarket. Surprisingly, Chinese Herb Stores are selling Enfagrow A+ at cheapest price (period, if anyone can share more competitively priced source, please share) follows by 99 Supermarket then Aeon. Not sure about those hypermart (e.g Tesco/Giant/Carrefour/NSK) but since I was sort of in a rush to get 1 and the price that I got in Chinese Herb Store is MYR 4 cheaper than the price tag in Aeon (which retailed at MYR 69), without further ado I just grabbed one.

I will keep an eye on the price selling at other place and will update here if I manage to get lower than what I’ve bought. IF anyone have just gotten one with a better price, please share.


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