When a Dog Falls in Love With a Cat

Gallen Lo Ka Leung, Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Wong Ho Yin filmed a scene for “When a Dog Falls in Love With a Cat” 《當狗愛上貓》 in Central District. At 6 PM, Gallen and Myolie filmed a dating scene, in which the pair frequently stared into each others’ eyes with big smiles, creating a romantic and heart-warming scene.

The next scene was shot in a alley, where it was hot with poor air circulation. When the Director yelled “cut,” Myolie immediately cooled off with her miniature fan.

The amicable Gallen went to a nearby convenience store and bought cold drinks for the cast and crew to cool off.

After finishing “When a Dog Falls in Love With a Cat,” Gallen will be heading to Beijing to film a new series. He will be engaged in his new project from November through Lunar New Year. During the Lunar New Year holiday, Gallen will have several days off to spend with his family.

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