What to place on your best directions?

Eliminating clutter is the first step in general office feng shui. “The more clutter you have–and we all have it on working desks, even me–the more it stops up the energy,” Wong says.

Step two is to sit facing the door. “If you can’t do that, you could put a mirror up. A lot of people work in cubicles, and that’s where it gets a little tricky. What I tell people is if you cannot move anything in your cubicle-sweet-cubicle, you have to swivel you chair so [that] you’re facing one of your best directions.”

Best directions vary from person to person and can be determined by a practitioner, but Wong believes most people intuitively know their best directions. A simple tip is to think about which way you were facing when you last received good news. Were you facing the same direction other times you received good news? If so, chances are that’s your best direction.

Here are some other simple tips to keep in mind:

* Place awards in the south (fame, celebrity area).

* Place photos of you with a celebrity, or letters from a celebrity, in the south.

* Family photos should be in wooden frames on the east side of your desk or office (family, life, and health area; wood element).

* Photos of your kids (without you) should be in metal frames in the west (children area; metal element).

* Photos of you and your significant other should be in the southwest(marriage area).

* Photos of your team at work should be toward the west (for teamwork).

* Photos of, or gifts from, your mentor or benefactor should be in the northwest (support).

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