What Similarities Do Hacken Lee & Roger Kwok Share?

2006 Jan 10

Cover page details:
This year "Wong" and "Ding" are getting married
("Wong" refers to Roger’s role as Ah Wong in Life made simple, and "ding" refers to hacken who host Minutes to fame, where they always "ding" people away. When these 2 words are put together, I think it means Lucky People in Cantonese)

Page 34:

From the black box on the top left hand corner:
– Hacken’s hairstyle is styled by Adolph Bow
– Hacken’s clothes are sponsored by PRADA and Artist’s Own

What similarities do Hacken Lee and Roger Kwok share?

Hacken replies: I’m the opposite of him. Singing is my primary career, filming is secondary. As for Roger, his primary career is filming, and in the middle of it he steals the singers’ rice bowl by singing. The only similarity is that we’ve both been through several ups and downs.

Page 35:

Both of them have an average age of about forty, and have been rushed by fans and the media to get married. Roger says "Since everyone wants to see us married, we can have it on the stage and fulfill everyone’s wishes!" On the stage? Yes, the truth is that Hacken will be holding his concert in the coming Chinese New Year and has invited Roger to be the guest.

Page 36:

The both of them coming together, it’s because while watching Life Made Simple, Hacken suddenly had an idea to have Roger play the funny role in his concert.

Hacken: Last time, Joey Leung and Alan Tam will take care of the comedy, but it is different this year. As I was preparing for my concert, Life Made Simple was airing and it suddenly occur to me that I should get Roger to be my guest. I feel that there will be new sparks. Moreover, the concert will be held during the Chinese New Year and "Wong" (Lucky) has a good meaning which is suitable for the Chinese.

Roger: When you approached me, I thought it was because of the role Ah Wong which I played in Life Made Simple, because one of the sections in your concert is to bring happiness to the audience.

Hacken: I got you through the manager. I was just trying to ask for your opinion. I didn’t know that you’d agree at once. The Chinese New Year is a good time for be on stage.

The truth is, both of them exchanged numbers on the day of the photo shoot. So, some things that are discussed below might jolly well appear on stage during his concert…

Hacken: The theme is Happiness and Laughter, and also to bring up the strange things that happened in the entertainment circle last year. Why can White Flower oil be used to play badminton? Why must one hold a cat in front of oneself when taking a photo? Some things are best said in the identity of Ah Wong. I also thought that Ah Wong can teach Joey Leung a lesson in a funny manner.

Roger: We can also hold a wedding in the Hong Kong Coliseum, get Joey Leung to sacrifice himself and pretend to be Ha Ri-Su. Anyway I’m Ah Wong and can marry anyone, at the same time fulfilling everyone’s wishes.

Hacken: Why not get the audience to boo Joey Leung? Whenever they boo, he has to kneel down and let’s see how many times he can do that. On that day, Joey Leung has to be prepared; making fun of him is inevitable. If you’re willing to open your "golden mouth" it’d be even better. What will you sing?

Roger: I guess will choose your Da Hui Tang Yan Zou Ting (Big concert hall) and the recent Qing Fei Shou Er (Love not in Seoul). Actually, I hope to perform magic. If I be like Cyril who’s very popular in Japan right now, it’d be great.

Both of them are leaders in their career, and appreciate each other. Besides this, which skills do they wish to obtain from the other?

Hacken: He’s more of the silent type and is not flowery with his speech. I feel that he can be himself. Both of us won’t appear at Lan Kwai Fong [a place in HK full of bars and night clubs].

Roger: I admire his ability to write lyrics, and his clear and bright vocals.

Hacken: Besides acting skills, the thing that I want most to snatch away from Ah Wong is his hairstyle. Because it’s something that very few artist will style. I remember once when I was getting my hair done Central, and saw that he’s the only one with such a hairstyle. This hairstyle is indeed convenient.

Roger: I admire your shape! His shape is suitable for the recent fashion, and is also compatible with it. He can wear more clothes and won’t look swelled up. I look fat when I wear 2 pieces of clothing.

Hacken: In fact, I hope to have a body like yours which can slim down after
getting fat. While filming Life Made Simple your weight increase by 20 pounds but now you’re back to your handsome looks. If you ask me to increase 20 pounds, it’s easy but if you ask me to slim down, it’s difficult.

Page 37:

The two of them actually have some ties. 15 years ago, they have collaborated in a comedy and Roger says that the first time they met was even before this.

H: I think the first time that we collaborated was for the show Tong Ju San Ren Zu, as a guest star for about 20 episodes. We began to know each other from then, and I still remember that we have dined together before.

R: Haha! I remember that after we have collaborated for only a few days, he invited me to a Beijing Cuisine restaurant located at Li Shun Street and said "I like their food a lot." to me. He has given me a CD with signature.

H: I’ve forgotten. To me, the only thing that was related to us is my first album Ming Yun Fu Hao. Someone told me that the 2 people on the cover of the album look alike. Haha!

R: I just remembered, the first time that we met was not for the filming of Tong Ju San Ren Zu, but when I was recording Wen Ruan Ji for a radio station. One day, at the recording studio, the director introduced Hacken who is singing the theme song, to me.

H: Really? After that, we did not have time to meet up and did not have much contact with each other.

Page 38:

Hacken Lee – Doesn’t want to register in Hong Kong

When is he getting married?
I haven’t thought about it. I will consider it seriously after the concert. She’s busy with helping me with the clothes for my concert and is not free to discuss this.

Initially, I did not plan to invite relatives or friends to my wedding. I just wanted both of our families but many of my friends should be happy for me. As for the wedding banquet, I think it’s quite old fashioned. I wish to just set up something like the lighting ceremony during TVB’s annual celebration at Penfold Park and that’s all. In monetary terms, not holding a wedding banquet but receiving money from the others will mean bigger red packets. It’d be better to have a fusion kind of ceremony.

Marriage Tour
I dare not comment if we will do that, only that we don’t want to register in Hong Kong. We don’t want to stir things up.

About having children
Yes, we do want to have children. As for when, I do not know. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl. A boy would be better; a girl would be more frustrating for us. We will fear that she’s not pretty enough and no one would marry her when she grows up. If she’s too pretty, we’ll be afraid that she has too many suitors, it’s really frustrating!

Page 39

A test to determine a good husband

Do you have a lot of female friends?
H: A lot, usually I have lots of friends of the opposite gender.

When relieving yourself in the toilet (big business), your habit is…
H: Relax myself, and enjoy the feeling

When rain occurs suddenly when you’re shopping outside…
H: If the rain is not too big, I’ll still go and take a look

The weather gets harsh and you see the news reporting that those stranded have no place to
call home, how do you feel?
H: I’m especially concerned about touching news, and will try to help in some way.

Have you ever made the first move when wooing a girl and not let surroundings affect you?
H: When the feeling develops after being together, I will begin to date her.

Will you spend a lot of time on something that interests you?
H: I will plan the time properly; will not let it affect my everyday life.

Which type of person do you want to be most?
H: A doctor or lawyer with high income.

Hacken’s score after the test: 20 points.
He is a gentle husband.
Hacken’s comment: Ok lah, let’s not say whether to be a good man or not (in reply to Roger who said he will try his best to be a good man), the main thing is whether you are suitable for each other or not.

Some pointers on scoring
A Gentle Husband:
You are very concerned towards ladies, but your other half might flare up for no reason sometimes and make you unbearable and affect your marriage. For the benefit of the other, you should speak of whatever that you cannot take to prevent building a trigger for future quarrels.

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