What Crystal Lotus symbolizes and how to place this water fountain?

The Lotus is essentially used to signify joy, peace, purity and sincerity. The Lotus is the flower dedicated to Buddha. The lotus confidently rises above water and blossom to create a strong sense of purity in the surroundings. When Buddha was born, the lotus bloom to create a path for him to walk. The lotus is also a sign of love for the family, friends and associates. The lotus crystal is the best form of feng shui symbol to emit good chi for a more peaceful and clear mind for those intending to set important goals and achieving them.

The amazing healing power of water cleanses, refreshes and restores energy in our lives. Be it a soothing fountain or majestic waterfall. Today, most people incorporate water features for interiors to bring nature closer to them. Some of the beneficial properties of water fountains are:

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