What Carps symbolizes and how to place it?


The story of the carp crossing Dragon Gate to transform into a Dragon had become so popular that for many centuries, the Carp has become the traditional Feng Shui Fish for the Chinese. Carps are tough fishes that could resist the big currents in Yellow River and this symbolizes perseverance and determination. They are able to swim upstream and rapidly jumping on the surface of water to reach heaven to symbolize great achievements in your pursuit or high ambitions of a lifetime. Carp is a potent energizer for joyous unions, marriage luck, abundant good fortune, prosperity, scholastic success and literary luck. Used in business, the carp brings plenty of success by putting you in a competitive advantage over your competitors.

This fortune crystal ball can be placed in almost everywhere to raise the bar for your pursuits:
1. Display around the home to attain greater heights in material success and power. It can also be displayed in your personal Sheng Chi direction to ensure very fortunate returns.
2. For those who wants to attract academic excellence, place the carps at your study desk. You may also place it in the northeast direction (according to 8 Aspirations Theory) to absorb the academic luck.
3. Place the ball to decorate the important areas of your living rooms, family rooms, reception, dining, cashier’s counter or even bedrooms to increase your wealth like for the entire family.
4. Place it in your sheng chi location to tap your ultimate wealth luck in enhancing your career, windfall luck and more sources of income coming your way.
5. For those who knows the placement of water in feng shui, you may place this ball to symbolically represent replica of water features (such as waterfall, ponds, aquariums):
a. North – for career luck
b. East – for enhancement of family well-being
c. Southeast – for wealth luck
d. Water star position according to Flying Star feng shui – for wealth luck
6. For bosses, managers and employees, if you are looking for more personal growth and money opportunities, it is recommended that you place the carps on the north location of your work desk. The carp will create the difference between you and your peers to enable yourself to stay more competitive.
7. To activate wealth abundance for Period 8, place the ball in the SE, your sheng chi or the area where water star#8 resides in your premise. You may also surround them further with lots of gold ingots to signify lots of wealth and gold in your life. The carps will help you achieve your endeavours smoothly by resisting all the barriers of your life.

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