Dry eye syndrome is an ongoing condition that may not be cured (depends on the cause), but the accompanying dryness, scratchiness and burning can be managed. Your eyecare practitioner may prescribe artificial tears, which are lubricating eyedrops that may alleviate the dry, scratching feeling.

Restasis eyedrops (cyclosporine in a castor oil base) go one step further: they help your eyes to increase tear production. Restasis treatment is the first of its kind.

Sometimes people use the eye drops that “get the red out” to treat their dry eyes. This won’t work unless the eye drops also contain artificial tears, and the original “get-the-red-out” formulation doesn’t. These drops can reduce or eliminate the redness temporarily, but they don’t treat the cause of the redness, whether it’s dryness, environmental irritation, or some other problem.

Not only that, but the vasoconstrictors in those formulas that reduce redness by contracting the eye’s blood vessels are addictive, in the sense that over time, more and more is needed to achieve the same effect. And with frequent use, the effect diminishes after a while, anyway

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