We’re fine by ourselves, thank you

Some of Korea’s most-eligible celebrity singletons are showing no signs of getting hitched any time soon.

Despite reaching their 30s, female stars like Lee Young Ae and Choi Ji Woo are reportedly more ambitious about cementing their acting careers than finding a good husband.

Hunky bachelors like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun and Jang Dong Gun have also focused on work and have not attracted any love scandals in recent years.

But, Dong Gun, 35, did discuss his ideal female type at a fan gathering in Japan last week.

Visiting the country as the spokesman for cosmetics brand Missha, he said that he likes women with full and soft lips.

On the subject of age, he jokingly added: ‘I don’t mind if she’s slightly older than me, as long as she’s younger than my mum.’

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