Watery Promotion for “The Brink of Law”

TVB will begin airing new series "The Brink of Law" on Monday and a promotional event was held at a hotel swimming pool yesterday morning, attended by cast members including Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Sherming Yiu, June Chan, Karen Lee, Yoyo Chan and Kenneth Ma. Ron arrived 45 minutes late and was first to be pushed into the pool as a punishment by the girls, whilst producer Mui Siu Ching said to him on the microphone: "Don’t be late next time!" Afterwards, Ron said that Siu Ching was right and he knows what he did was wrong. He says: "Sorry, I feel bad because I set my alarm wrong. The event started at 11am, but I set the alarm to go off at 11:30."

Although it was quite cold yesterday, the pool was heated, so the girls all appeared in their swimsuits and showed off their figures in the water. Shirley’s costume was quite conservative though and she says this is because they have to play games so she had to avoid exposing herself, so she chose a sportier swimsuit. As a result, with their better figures, Sherming, June and Karen stole most of the limelight in their bikinis. Shirley said graciously: "It doesn’t matter, it is all just for the promotion. (Does your boyfriend not like you looking sexy?) Of course not! The most important thing was not to expose myself during the games." Shirley had to rush off to another event afterwards, so she was keeping a close guard on her hairstyle during the games and avoiding getting it wet.

Kenneth appeared wearing two pairs of shorts, cycling and beach shorts and he smiles: "It doesn’t really matter what the men wear, we are all just here to see the ladies." As he does not know how to swim, he was just concerned about not getting embarrassed and not drowning and therefore he did not mind not winning the games. He smiles: "I play football, but I won’t find love doing that, so I want to start playing badminton instead! (Is your new year wish to look for a girlfriend?) No, making money still comes first. When I sort myself out, then it will be easier."

Steven also appeared in his cycling shorts and did not wear any swimming trunks. He says that since he was young, he usually wears shorts because he says his bum looks too good and when he wears cycling shorts then other people get jealous. Asked if he would wear trunks to do a fashion show, he says: "You would have to give me time to get fit and a large six-figure sum as a fee because it would be my first time. I was approached by a thermal underwear company from the mainland earlier, but underwear is a little too close fitting, so I turned it down." If the ratings are good for "Brink" will you wear some small trunks? He says: "I am very miserly when it comes to these things. Give me more money because I am guarding my first time. When the right situation arises and the reward is right, then I will give my debut performance."

Steven also says that each time a new series is released, then people will pledge to appear in swimwear, but this rarely materialises. He finds this a little boring so promising a big meal is more practical. What would be a suitable rating for the first week? He says: "I hope for above thirty, because the ratings for ‘Dicey Business’ were not bad and we should be able to follow them."

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