Wang Leehom Loses 20 lbs and is Unrecognizable

Yesterday, the 13th annual CMA awards were held in Shanghai. Blackie (Chen Jian Chou) flew in from Taiwan with his entourage from "Hei Se Hui," to host the show. His girlfriend FanFan was also present and performed.

Blackie was looking forward to seeing his "homie", Leehom. The two are very good friends and since Leehom started filming Ang Lee’s "Lust, Caution," in September, Blackie hasn’t seen him. However, at the backstage area of the awards, Blackie initially didn’t recognize Leehom. Not only did Leehom sport a new hairstyle for "Lust, Caution," he also has lost over 20 pounds for the movie.

Blackie was taken aback by Leehom’s new appearance. "He was initally skinny to start with, but I can’t believe he wasn’t skinny enough and had to lose more weight." During the day of the CMA awards, Leehom also had a slight fever. This caused Blackie to worry, "He always puts 110% into everything he does, but I’m worried about his health. I mean he has a fever right now, but he told me he’s not going to rest but he’s going to Malaysia for concert promos."

Fans were also worried about the emaciated Leehom. However, Leehom told his fans not to worry, "Almost all cast members were required to lose weight to get into character. The movie takes place around the WWII era when there was a food shortage." He added with a laugh "Eating is one of my favorite pastimes, so when the movie ends I’m going to run over to the closest buffet."

After the CMA ended Leehom departed at midnight toward Malaysia for promo events for his March 3rd concert at Stadium Merdeka. Filming for "Lust, Caution" will end around Chinese NEw Year.

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