Wang Leehom Invited to the Grammies

The Grammies is arguably one of the most prestigious musical awards in the Industry. Unlike other awards such as the MTV Music Video awards or Billboard Music awards, the nominees are not judged on popularity or how "flashy" their music video is, instead each nominee is merited on their music quality. The Grammy is often called the "Oscars" of the music world.

It was recently leaked that 3 three songwriter-producers from the Chinese language musical stage were invited to attend the 49th annual Grammies. These include songwriter-producers Tan Dun Wai, Kai Yang Shi, and Wang Leehom. It is an honor for these three acclaimed producers to be invited to attend the event, especially because none of their albums are produced in English.

The latter of the 3 invitees is Taiwan’s own songwriter Wang Leehom. Leehom has arranged, produced, and composed over 100 songs and has written lyrics to over 60 songs. His latest production is showcased on Track 3 in Elva Hsiao’s new album "1087", entitled "Honey Honey Honey." Leehom not only produced and composed the song, he also helped Elva write the lyrics and completed the acoustic guitar instrumentation and all the MIDI programming for the song.

Elva was extremely nervous before the recording process because she hadn’t recorded a song in a long time. In an attempt to mitigate her anxiety, Leehom called Warner Bros. Company to ask what Elva liked. They told her she liked the Hawaiin and Los Angeles beach. As a result, that night Leehom went out to buy posters of the Hawaii and Los Angeles beach and posted it in the recording studio to try to make Elva feel calmer.

However, it is still unclear whether Leehom has time to attend this event. Leehom recently has been extremely busy. He is wrapping up his filming of Lee Ang’s new movie, working on his next album (due out in March), writing a Chinese-language Broadway musical, and preparing for his concerts next month. Due to his busy schedule, he barely has rest time and is often seen drifting off to sleep in the car. SonyBMG has made no comments.

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