Wang Leehom Has a Split Personality – Like a little boy

Recently, Leehom was in Shanghai holding a press conference for his August 12th concert in Shanghai. The press conference was held by Sohu-Online. During the questioning session, Leehom was very polite, composed, and articulate like usual. However, once there was a break, Leehom’s inner child broke lose.

At first he sat in his chair, then he became distracted and curious, and all of a sudden he started playing with the stuffed dogs in front of him. He was so intent in playing with the little stuffed dogs in front of him, that he had to be reminded that that interview was restarting.

Leehom’s inner child isn’t something new. Although Leehom is very serious when it comes to his music, he still has a hidden inner child. Many of his co-workers say that it’s Leehom’s “kiddy-side” that makes his music so creative. “Even as he ages, he’s still young at mind and comes up with the wackiest ideas that only kids could think of.” Leehom admits that he has a bit of a split personality. Leehom produces, composes, arranges, plays instrumentals, and even writes lyrics for his own songs, therefore because not many other people are involved, making music is a very lonely and boring process. To keep himself from being too bored , he likes to practice accents, his favorite being the Indian accent. Also he has a habit of talking to himself as he plays the role of a producer, lyrcists, composer, singer, etc.

“Sometimes I say to myself in a strict voice as the producer, ‘I think that take sucked.’ then I’ll reply to myself in as the singer, “Really you think so?”‘ It’s a bit weird at first, but working till 5 am in the morning can do crazy things to your brain,” Leehom joked.

Leehom’s co-workers explain that it’s Leehom’s quirky side that makes him such a musical genius, as well as an interesting person to be next to.

Source: Shang Hai Wan Bao

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