Vivien Yeo Celebrates 22nd Birthday

Vivien Yeo Sau Wai, Michael Tse Tin Wah, Natalie Wong all have July birthdays and appeared yesterday at TVB’s July Birthday Stars celebration. Sonija Kwok Sin Lei could not make it to the event last minute.
Not only did Vivien not have to work on that day, but in the coming days, she will be going to Malaysia to act as guest judge for the local “Cruelest Bell” production. Vivien will be in Malaysia for 3 days, so she will take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her parents then.

As for Vivien’s birthday wish, she hopes to become even more beautiful, attain a better figure, and have more jobs. The reporter joked that if Vivien wants to attain a better figure, she can go for breast implants.

Vivien joked and said, “No, I have to earn more money first before I can afford breast implants. But I wish that each part of my figure can become firmer, including my upper body.” Vivien also hoped that her face can slim down, reducing her baby fat.

Vivien also hoped to find a boyfriend. She had the same birthday wish last year, but unfortunately she still has not found a boyfriend yet. Vivien’s requirements is to look for a mature and career-established man, preferrably 5-10 years older than her.

“I want to find someone that can take care of me and love me. In the past, I had a mature pursuer, but I was not mature enough, so we did not end up together.”

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