Virginia Lok Shows Support for Charmaine at Film Premiere

The film "Lady Iron Chef" held its premiere on Monday and producer Wong Jing led the cast members including Hacken Lee, Charmaine Sheh, Yumiko Cheng, Yuen Chau, Alice Chen and newcomer Liu Yang. As one of TVB executive Virginia Lok’s favourites, Charmaine received support from her boss as she led a group of TVB artistes to attend the show, including Gigi Lai and Angela Tong. However, rumoured boyfriend Ron Ng was not present.

Afterwards, Charmaine was very happy because of the attention that Ms Lok paid to her and she indicated that she wishes to share her great results with Ms Lok. Did she invite Ron to the event? Chamraine says she does not know, but they were mainly female artistes there, so she has not called him. She admits that she does not want the hassle and was avoiding more rumours, because she did not want the focus to be turned away from the film. Gigi and Charmaine are good friends and although Gigi had to celebrate her mother’s birthday too, she still made time to support her friend. When the reporters pointed out how united everyone was with Ms Lok, Gigi explains that they are all part of the same family.

Liu Yang wore a low cut outfit as she stood next to Hacken, but he did not dare look over at her. Afterwards, he laughed: "I was busy!" As Hacken was in America earlier, he was not able to receive his IFPI award and he says that as this award was purely down to sales and not votes, then he really wanted to receive the award in person.

Talking of making movies, Hacken says he is still a newcomer and will usually do one per year. He prefers to do comedies because he can never stand doing an ancient drama, that is he cannot stand the way he looks. He says that this film has done well in Singapore and if it does as well in Hong Kong, then it will not be a loss-maker. As for Ms Lok attending to support Charmaine, has he asked his wife Emily to come and support him too? Hacken laughs that maybe Ms Lok is here to support him! He says that he has too much work and if his family attend everything, then they will be very busy.

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