Vincy Chan Promotes Nokia for $1 Million

Despite Vincy Chan being in the industry for only a year, it has been reported that EEG has been discussing 4 HK$1million advertisement jobs for the singer. One of these advertisements is for Nokia, are company which many established artists hope for the chance to become its image person. Not only has the price tag on Vincy risen, she has also become the Princess of Advertisements.

Nokia has been searching for 6 new generation idols in Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan to become the image people for their company. Those who have been chosen include, Jane Zhang, Anson Wu, Zhi-Qian Xue, Kenji Wu, Tank and Hong Kong’s Vincy Chan, who has been offered $1 million to become the image girl for the Hong Kong region.

Not only is Vincy the image girl for Nokia, along with the other 5 idols, she will be performing at a charity concert ‘Back to Sound’ to raise money for over 800,000 deaf children. The idols will be collaborating to record a duet called ‘I’ve Heard Love’ (聽見了愛). Each idol will also record a solo version that along with the duet will be released in an EP.

Today, the six idols will attend a press conference that will be held in Beijing.

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