Vincy Chan – A Big Hit in Malaysia

Vincy Chan flew to Malaysia to perform as the guest performer at Joey Yung’s concert. Although being in the industry for only a short period time, Vincy already has a big fan base in Malaysia which welcomed her on the day of her arrival at the Malaysian airport. Fans told Vincy that they will be at Genting supporting her as she performs and that they hope she will be able to hold her own concert in Genting soon. When hearing this, Vincy promised to hold an autograph session in Malaysia to that she can be closer to her fans.

Not only will Vincy be performing at Joey’s concert, she also held a promotional event for her debut album ‘Vincy’ (感應) and her latest album ‘Flowers Without Snow’ (花無雪). Both albums have done well in sales with ‘Flowers Without Snow’ being a sell out in Malaysia. At the function, Vincy was also presented with a double white gold award for her album sales, which is a high achievement for a newcomer singer. When asked what other achievements she hopes for, Vincy replied, “I hope that the dance version of ‘傾斜樂園’ can be released so that I can perform it at this concert.”

Vincy has not been associated with many rumours, when the Malaysian media asked her who she hopes to be rumoured with, Vincy laughed and replied that she hopes to have rumours with Faye Wong and Stefanie Sun because she hopes to be introduced to the two superstars. It has also been reported that Vincy has earned a mini-fortune through working non-stop lately. When asked to verify this, Vincy expressed that she has no idea because it is her family that takes care of her finance.

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