Vinci Wong Spotted Dancing Intimately with Male Friend

Several nights ago, Diesel held a fashion after-party in Central district, with the attendance of numerous celebrities. Under the influence of alcohol and dim lights, many artists’ inhibitions were let down.

Long rumored to be gay, TVB host Vinci Wong Yin Chi was spotted dancing wildy with a male partner. The 35 year-old Vinci is the only son of Wong Chung Tung, President of WKK International. The Wong family’s wealth is estimated at $1 billion (HKD).

Vinci is also the cousin of Kevin Cheng Ka Wing. Graduating from Canada’s University of British Columbia (UBC), Vinci has not followed his father’s footsteps in the corporate world, but rather became TVB’s contracted artist, frequently hosting variety programs.

Vinci arrived at the Diesel party with Hawick Lau Hoi Wai and TVB producer Chin Kwok Wai. After socializing with Hawick and Chin, who were accompanied by female partners, Vinci drifted onto the dance floor with a male friend.

Vinci and the man started dancing closer and closer together as the music hit a fever pitch. They hugged each other and had close body contact as all inhibitions were let loose. The crowd on the dance floor dispersed and the pair took the limelight.

After the song ended, Vinci’s hands lingered on the man. Losing their inhibitions despite being in a public place, the pair held hands and appeared to be a couple.

Hawick Lau Hoi Wai was spotted with 2 women at Diesel’s party. He appeared to be quite intimate with a blonde-haired woman and spent most of the night with her by his side, introducing her to his friends.

Geez, are the media stalkers or what? Can’t an artist spend time alone without being watched. And it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, whatever makes them happy is all that counts. Doesn’t even look like they’re really dancing. 2nd picture looks like Vinci is helping that guy up.

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