Vic’s Rough Kiss Hurts Park Eun Hye

Vic Chou is known to be quiet and soft, but when he’s filming and needs to be rough… In “Silence” drama, there’s a scene with a rouch kiss with Park Eun Hye, because he was too rough, onscreen her arms and wrists were left with countless marks. Yang Chin Hua tears off “love queen” Zhang Tien Lin’s clothes, NGed ten times, leaving her feel with a violent feeling.

On Sunday night, idol drama, Smiling Pasta is on at 8pm. Another mandarin channel is pushing out drama “Love Queen”. Vic, for his drama “Silence”, there’s a scene where he roughly kisses Park Eun Hye. To make it more real, before they filmed the scene, they both agreed that when the director started to film the scene, Vic would just directly plant a kiss on her – it wouldn’t matter how hard he would be.

Exactly, unbelievable, after Vic said in Taiwanese: “I can satisfy you now!” he immediately grabbed Park Eun Hye and mouth to mouth, his hands grabbing her hands, but Vic was too rough, and it made Park Eun Hye uncontrollably say in Chinese, “Hold on! It hurts.” She suddenly ended teh scene, and that made the staff members start to laugh, and Vic kept apologizing to her.

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