Vic’s Debut Movie “Flying Butterfly” starts shooting in HK with Li Bing Bing

(only translated parts with Vic)

Recently, “Flying Butterfly” originally planned to start shooting in 1st of August, but because Johnny To was striving in his recent movie “Banish” to be released next month it was postponed.

Today reporters got news that the lead actress Li Bing Bing arrived on the 18th August to HK followed by lead actor Vic Zhou who finished his drama “Silence” as scheduled arrived in HK. Even though the weather in HK does not cooperate, still raining continously, but yesterday the sun shines again, thus shooting can start.

The way reports interpret it, Johnny To are keen to enter next year’s International Movie Award. Compared to “Banish”, in terms of budget or making structure, “Flying Butterfly” will be first class. Johnny To is known to have a brilliant technique of art work, sure not to disappoint.

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22 August 2006

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