Vic Chou Goes Toe to To in New Project

Johnnie To will direct a female-centered romance, stylistically different from the film noirs and romantic comedies he is best known for. This new project will star Taiwanese idol Vic Chou from F4 alongside Mainland Chinese beauty Li Bingbing, who previously worked with To on Love for All Seasons. Ivy Ho, who excels in writing romantic movies such as Comrades, Almost a Love Story and July Rhapsody will work on the screenplay. The story follows a girl whose boyfriend dies in an accident. She misses him so much that she finally meets up with his ghost. Elements from horror and suspense movies will be incorporated.

Reportedly, Johnnie To wanted to work with Vic Chou on Throw Down, but the plan did not work out. The new project is budgeted at US$2.5 million, jointly invested by Sundream Motion Pictures and a Mainland Investor. The film was rumored to bear the title Butterfly Flies, but Tsui Siu Ming, President of Sundream, has already denied it. Tsui is also co-producing another movie with Johnnie To titled Eyes in the Sky, starring Simon Yam and Tony Leung Ka Fai. The film is to be directed by Yau Nai Hoi, scriptwriter of many Johnnie To movies, including Election.

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