Unofficial winners list of the 2006 JSG 2nd Round Awards

Before the awards are handed out, this newspaper received the list of winners for the JSG 2nd Round Awards. The format has changed where instead of 12 awards, TVB will be giving out 14. Also, Hacken Lee is working away from Hong Kong so even though he is TVB’s "god son" and his competiting song is TVB’s World Cup song, he will not be treated special and he will not win an awards.

The top 14 songs will include:
Andy Lau ????
Kelly Chen ????
Eason Chan ????
Leo Ku ??
Joey Yung ?????
Denise Ho ?????????
Twins ????
Fiona Sit ???
Jordan Chan ????
Andy Hui ???
Justin ??
Vincy Chan ??
Hins Cheung ???
Miriam Yeung and Edmond Leung ?

Aside from these 14 songs, Andy Lau will win Favorite Commercial Song, Vincy Chan will once again win the Newcomer award, while Kevin Cheng will win Favorite Mandarin Song.

The reason for the 14 awards this time around is because in the 1st rounds, many top tier singers could not make it to the show therefore, they did not receive awards. So this time, to have them all win award, they added 2 awards so everyone could win.

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