Uniqueness of 10 hot female stars in China

Gong Li, a traditional Chinese beauty, especially in the eyes of foreigners. In the Chinese perception, she is “average.” Shortcomings; her face is a little long and her lips are a little thick.

Zhang Ziyi, actually she is called “little Gong Li.” Zhang and Gong have some resemblence on facial features, but she is more beautiful than Gong Li. Her face is suitable to play the role of ancient girls or modern types. Her nose bridge is very high compared to other Chinese girls. Shortcomings: her top lip is thin and lower lip is thick. So she looks a little stubborn and not easy to deal with.

Zhang Jingchu’s face is classical, although she has a big jaw.

Liu Yifei’s face is very delicate, but her eyes are not expressive. This is one reason why she didn’t give us deep impressions in her series and movies. She can’t use her spiritual windows to communicate with an audience.

Huang Shengyi has a horse face, and big nose. When she smiles, she is fatally attractive.

Zhou Xun is almost perfect. If you are critical, her only shortcoming is that her mouth looks like an old lady’s.

Cecilia Cheung face is perfect too, but her voice is terrible, just like a weight lifter.

Xu Xiyuan, nickname Big S, is average except beautiful long hair. By the way, she has big ears.

Xu Xidi, nickname Small S, just pretty, not beautiful. Small eyes, thin lips, but a TV show hostess like her needs intelligence rather than beauty.

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