Twins separating or not depends on the “Seven Year Itch”

Twins were at the apm shopping center in Kwun Tong the night before. They received a white gold record (over 40,000 copies) for Our Love – Sixth Anniversary in just three days and announcing that they have sold over 3.8 million copies of their albums in total, Charlene happily said, "Wow, an average of 1,700 copies sold each day." On stage with Twins are some of their awards and stage outfits, which shows the start of their 6th aniversary exhibition.

Looking back in the past, there are so many touching moments, Charlene were starting to cry when she and Gillian were singing on stage. Charlene said that it really feels like being in love with Gillian for six years in the six years they have been working together.

During the games, pairs of fans imitated Twins poses in the album pictures, two male fans were even looking at each other. Two other male fans put on lipstick and see who can kiss a heart-shaped cardboard more. At the end, the two became big-lipped individuals, making Twins laugh and joked that they really felt a deep love. Twins also passed out red envelopes near the audience and Gillian bumped her head on a speaker.

When asked about how they feel about the past six years, Gillian said, "I’m a person that gives up easily halfway, but I feel responsible to do my best after becoming Twins. There were happiness and unhappy events, we’ve heard a lot of good and bad comments, but Charlene knows me best, even more than family and friends." Charlene said, "We’ve been through a lot of challenges and stages to get to where we are now. It’s not easy." She also said that she see Gillian more than her own mother, laughed that she felt a bit like she was getting married when she walked on stage with Gillian.

Once again, they were asked about separation, Gillian said, "Why are you asking about that when it’s so happy now? I hope no matter how many six years there are in life, Twins will be the same also." Charlene agree that their collaboration and friendship did not come easy, "A lot of artistes will feel lonely, but it’s good that we have each other." Their manager, Mani, said that Twins must be able to overcome the "seven year itch"* to start the next six years.

Twins admitted that they had different opinions and had cold wars before, but the duration lets them understand each other more. Charlene laughed, "It’s usually small things, but after a few hours at meal time, it’s like nothing happened. Actually, we probably didn’t have anything else to do, or you can say we’re entertaining ourselves."

The two laughed and said that filming the album cover is like taking wedding pictures. They feel a bit awkward when they posed for the almost kissing ones and were afraid their breathing might affect the other, so they took really slow breaths and they had to turn away to take breaths after every shot. Charlene said, "I wasn’t standing steadily and really kissed Gillian."

Twins said that there are 500 more copies of the special edition to lessen the over pricing. Twins will be having a series of celebration within the year.

*Seven year itch: At the seventh year of a relationship, a couple will have to overcome a great obstacle. It is the turning point of a relationship, if successful, then the relationship will be more stable, if not, then the might be a loss.

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