Twins released Twins Party album

Twins, who have just released their new album ‘Twins Party’, held an autograph session yesterday afternoon. Gillian Chung stole the spotlight for having a Mickey Mouse afro. Her fans also joined in the fun by wearing interesting looking hair accessories and glasses. Recently, the two have replaced Cecilia Cheung as the image girls for ‘lip ice’ lip balms. When asked if they will be giving rumoured boyfriends, Alex Fong or Ronald Cheng lip balms, Gillian bluntly replied that it is not her business if Alex has crapped lips while Charlene just laughed off the question.

Hundreds of fans were at the event where their idols performed their new songs and played games with them. Twins will be releasing a phonograph record edition of their new album soon and so, their fans gave them a cake shaped like a phonograph record to celebrate the occasion.

In regards to replacing Cecilia Cheung as the spokesperson, Gillian expressed that there are always constant changes of image people and that they are in fact promoting a new range of products. When asked if she will be giving lip balms to Alex Fong or Ronald Cheng, Gillian bleakly answered, ‘Why do we have to give it to them? Even if he does have cracked lips, it has nothing to do with me.” Charlene, on the other hand, looked embarrassed as she laughed.

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