Twins don’t want to be labeled cute when they reach 30

Even though there had been rumours that they are going to be separated, Twins still show up together in movie, commercials and albums, not letting down their fans. Thinking back about the 6 years, twins said that they have become from strangers to family member, and they are close like real sister.

6 years together made their hearts interlinked. Ah Gill said they have never wore the same clothes together. They never talk about what clothes they would wear before a function, but everytime it will turns out good and matching . Ah Sa said "Collabrating for so long, we know what each other’s likes and dislikes, now we get along very well, we know each other’s limits and we won’t say things that hurt. When we just started, we were trying things out, thus there were more friction."

"Actually we never thought of separating, though the outside always have rumours that we are." Ah Sa said. Ah Gill describe. "Our relationship is like family members. Even more closer than my own sister. Because we have gone through happy and unhappy times together."

The toughest in work is the lack of sleep.

Collabrating for 6 years, they said the most unforgettable is the tough days they spent together.

Ah Sa said she never imagine that entering the circle can be so busy, everyday was filled with work and she have never rested. "I often have no time to sleep, my highest record of not sleeping is 45 hrs. Before entering the circle, I can sleep easily. After school I will take an afternoon nap, and then around 11pm I will get up to eat my dinner, take shower and do my homework until 1am. But now I only get 4 hrs of sleep per day.

Transformation of image start from the screen.

From [Girl School Boy Student] to [women scent] , twins wanted to tell others that they are growing up, changing from a girl to a lady. But do people still introduced them as "Two lovely girls"? Ah Sa said, "Though we grow up a lot for 6 years, but everyone still think we haven’t. Maybe our look didn’t change." If they are still label cute when they are 30 years old, will they accept it? Ah gill said, "We always wanted to do things that our age does." However the movie had shown that they have grow up. Ah Gill is changing her image to "fighting girl" while Ah Sa takes bubbly roles, becuase Ah gill is interested in kungfu so she always take up the fighting scenes. Ah Sa like psychological drama better. If one day they will to quit the circle, they answered in unison that they will most likely to work in is "backstage."

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