TVB’s Young Generation Of 5 Fadans and 5 Big Brothers

1. Myolie Wu

Series : “Golden Faith” , “Triumph In The Skies”, “War Of In-laws”, “To Grow With Love”, “Scavenger’s Paradise”.

After Miss HK, Myolie is the most favorite among the fadans. From Golden Faith on, she started to have many other series. She is not the prettiest among the fadans, but she’s very lucky and works very hard. She played her roles very well. She’s not the pretties but very cute. She improved very much and you can see she puts effort.

2. Tavia Yeung

Series : “Twin Of Brothers” , “Viligante Force”, “Pillow Case Of A Mistery”, “Golden Faith”, “Land Of Wealth”

Tavia Yeung came in TVB from following classes. She started off with small roles. After working for so many years, she also had many rumours.
But she kept on doing her job and eventually played leading roles. She worked step by step and she worked very hard to achieve her goal.

3. Leila Tong

Series : “Twin Of Brothers”, “Life Made Simple”, “War And Destiny”, “Aqua Heroes”

Starting of as a childstar, she played many male lead’s little sister, having a cute face. But after War And Destiny, it changed her cute impression, because of her role as the 4th wife. It seems like she has grown up. By putting so many effort , she made a path for herself.

4. Shirley Yeung

Series : “Angels Of Mission”, “Always Ready”, “Au Revoir Shanghai”, “The Biter Bitten”, “Blade Heart”

After winning Miss HK, out of all the fadans her career went rough, she has done lots of series, but she didn’t leave a well impression to the viewers because of her roles. If it goes on like that, she will end up playing the small roles.
It can change if TVB can give her a more impressive role, but she still needs to improve and express herselfs.

5.Nancy Wu:

Series : “Twin Of Brothers”, “At Home with Love”

Among all of the fadans, she has the less series. She left a very deep impression after playing her role in TOB. For a newcomer she did a good job. She should get more chances of TVB , as a result to shine!

Big Brothers

1. Raymond Lam

Series : “A Taste Of Love”, “A Step into the Past”, “Twin Of Brothers” , “Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion”, “Eternal Happiness”, “Face To Fate”

People say he looks like Louis Koo, People say he can fall back on something because of his background, but among all the newcomers back then,
he stands out because of him looking very impressive. He deserves the place of Big Brother

2.Ron Ng

Series : “Twin Of Brothers”, “Revolving Doors Of Vengeance”, “The Academy”, “Guts Of Man” “Lost In The Chamber Of Love”

His look are good, but doesn’t look good in ancient series, he’s better of playing in the modern ,he looks very cool. But he’s TVB’s Big brother nr 2, because he doesn’t seem to have the character of a big brother nr 1.
He’s now famous and he became a subject to talk about. He’s still young and still has the chances to become an even better actor.

3.Bosco Wong

Series : “Wong Fei Hung”, “Master of Kung Fu” , “War Of In-Laws”, “Life Made Simple”, “Au Revoir Shanghai”, “Lethal Weapons Of Love and Passion”

Looks are okay, acting skills are okay and he is playfull. That’s what TVB looks for and that makes his chances bigger to become even more famous.

4.Kenneth Ma

Series: “Lost In The Chamber Of Love”, “Scavenger’s Paradise”, “Into Thin Air”, “The Herbalist Manual”, “Driving Power”

Being tall is a good thing, looks are good, acting skills are not bad, loving his smile and he’s straight forward. This year he even won an award for best improved. He could gain more popularity in the future. Someday he will have a breakthrough.

5.Sammul Chan:

Series: “Guts Of man”, “The Academy”, “Survivor’s Law”, “The White Flame”

He looks like a gentleman, talks quite gentle. Among all of them, his character is what TVB is not really looking for, so he is not given many oppurtunities. which make him looks like a ‘cousin’ of TVB

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