TVBS-G’s “Weekly Star” Shows Cute Sides of Artists

Wanna listen to HK idols speaking in Mandarin? TVBS-G has been playing "Weekly Star" during the 7,8,9pm periods, and lets TVB artists to update and talk about filming. Ekin Cheng, Bowie Lam, Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Charmaine Sheh, etc handsome and beauties took turns speaking. All their faces looked very cute when they were speaking Mandarin. For example, like Raymond Lam loves to speak in Taiwanese, Sonija Kwok being shy, Charmaine Sheh loves to make funny faces when she has NGs, Michael Miu who doesn’t speak Mandarin very often have to translate words, etc. These cute little sides of artists will continue to be on TVBS-G’s "Weekly Star".

TVB’s Yat Gor(Highly Promoted) Raymond Lam had received many chances ever since he became an actor. In "A Step Into The Past", "Golden Faith", "Blade Heart", etc dramas, he had major important roles. Also, he received praises from Louis Koo, Gallen Lo, Adam Cheng, and Liza Wang. Raymond Lam came from a wealthy family, so when he first stepped into the industry, he had a name of "Honored", but his true personality used actions to show his strengths. Soon afterwards, he was the main cast of many series and this year, he was filming series in Mainland, and worked with "Love’s New Breath" with Tammy Chan. The both of them had a close bed scene, and Raymond was topless, more sexy than Tammy.

Raymond Lam was born in XiaMen and spoke Taiwanese fluently, he even knew how to sing the famous song "Love Fighting Will Win". In "Weekly Star", he introduced himself and his series in Taiwanese, even though there was a pause. What’s good to mention was, Raymond used to always trick Michelle Yip, and taught her how to say "Kup Choi" (Taiwanese). Afterwards, he reminded her to say it in Taiwan during promotions and soon Michelle found out that "Kup Choi" meant eat crap. Thinking it was funny, but was also mad, Michelle says she will get revenge when she returns to Hong Kong.

Raymond Lam, the wealthy "look-alike Louis Ku" recorded in "Weekly Star" next week (9/25) episode. Afterwards, "the flirt girl" Charmaine Sheh, main cast in "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", Bosco Wong, Sonija Kwok will all appear in "Weekly Star".Besides that, Michael Miu from the 5 tigers, Myolie Wu, the beautiful girl who would gain weight for drama, and this year’s popular series, "The Dance Passion"’s cast Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, etc will all appear.

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