TVB’s Children Songs Award Presentation 2006 Will be Held This Evening

TVB’s Childrens Songs Award Presentation 2006 will be held this evening and this will be hosted by Lydia Shum, with guest performers including Nancy Sit, Steven Ma, Kenny Kwan, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, Angela Tong and Jacky Wong. At the blessing ceremony yesterday, Lydia could not help showering the cute Jacky with kisses and giving him the roast pork to eat.

As for the recent reports that Lydia’s daughter Joyce Cheng has suffered scarring after laser treatment on her face, Lydia denies this angrily, saying: " She had two spots, but they have to exaggerate it and make it into a scar!" So did Joyce go for treatment? Lydia puts her hand up and says: "I swear that if she has been for treatment, then I will fall over. I really hate this and I don’t want to talk about it because it makes me mad." After this, she left quickly.

Kenny will be heading into the Police Training School next week to film for "Cadets on the Beat" and he says that during this time the cast and crew have been very good to him, but he often has to trouble them because he does not have a driving licence and often has to rely on his colleagues such as Kate Tsui and Michael Tao for lifts. As a result, he will make time to go for his road test in the hope that he can drive himself to work soon. As for funny stories during filming, Kenny says that Wai Ying Hung, who plays his mother in the series, is very serious when she is working and in a fighting scene with her, she scolded: "Have you been sitting on your brain?" as she lifted him up with a finger and Kenny was so taken aback that he had to beg her for mercy in a rather amusing scene. Ying Hung and Gordon Liu have been sharing their stories with him about their experiences at Shaw Studios and this has been invaluable to him.

Angela will be playing ‘Piggy’ in the show in a dance routine with Miss Hong Kong winners Janet Chow and Koni Lui. They will have to display ribbon and long sleeve dancing whilst suspended on wires and as this is a live show, there is no chance for outtakes, so she has been rehearsing hard for it.

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