TVB Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊)

I finished watching the drama. Am a great fans of the movie and I still watch the repeated series on AOD even the stories are still fresh in mind. The story is great and plenty of suspense. I’ll certainly recommends it for those who have not watch it. It’s all started when the missus introduced me to Laughing Gor(Michael Tse). I didn’t know of such person with the nick after the movies got awarded. Laughing Gor came alive when the movie E.U tv series were aired, then a movie Turning Point were produced with the starring role of Laughing Gor. I heard movies before Lives of Omission weren’t that great and this latest series is the best. Well, I guess I will have to watch those previous movies.

Here’s the trailer for those who have yet to watch it:

Their theme song, limit (底線) sing by Bosco Wong:

I think the song could be better but it’s still sounds great and blends well with the movie after you’ve watched it. If you’re interested, you probably want to watch the first episode:

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