TVB Joins In Support Of Gillian Chung Incident

Photos of artiste, Gillian Chung, changing being printed as the front cover of ‘Easyfinder’ has led to anger from all around. The ‘Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority’ has now received 1792 complaints, breaking the record and being highest number of complaints. TVB is also concerned of this issue; they’ve been sending out representatives to contact the ‘Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild’. Yesterday, TVB had an urgent meeting and is planning to produce a special program to speak for all artistes who have suffered from ‘EasyFinder’. It is revealed that ‘The Obscene Articles Tribunal’ has already graded this tabloid to be of Grade B – Indecent Material. The police force in Malaysia has also received the complaint of EEG Entertainment; the police department head is strongly encouraging for Gillian to call the police in Hong Kong as well to create convenience of investigating. ‘EasyFinder’ has aroused a public anger to an extreme point.

TVB is concerned of Gillian’s issue; their general manager, Stephen Chan, has taken the crew out himself to give full power of ambushing ‘EasyFinder’. Besides TVB’s Jade Channel and PayTV giving huge reports of anything related, they are also going to arrange for congress of denouncing and have a special program aired regarding this case, to strengthen their power against ‘EasyFinder’. The program will be four hours long and named, "Privacy – Dignity – ET Circle’s Business – Hong Kong’s Business"; it’ll be aired live next Monday at four in the afternoon. Besides arranging for Gillian to show up, TVB and the Performing Artistes Guild will also be inviting artistes from Hong Kong, Mainland, and Taiwan to participate, hoping to unite the whole ET circle, in hope to let the government and public look at this secretly filming business seriously.

The meeting by the Performing Artistes Guild was held yesterday night; after three hours of discussion, representative Lawrence Cheng (Ah Dan) criticizes that EasyFinder’s interviewing ways are despicable. He expressed, "We’re determined to have a battle with the media, which has completely lost any thought of morality and is only thinking of sales. Yet if the government doesn’t support us, we’re bound to lose. Think about it, these outdated laws which were established 26 years ago, how are they going to withstand the provacation that the media is sending us today? They’re out to step on our rights and dignity. We hope that we’ll be able to collaborate with te government and win this battle." The group expresses regret towards Gillian’s incident after understanding the whole incident by speaking to Gillian on the phone yesterday; the details of the actions will be revealed next Monday.

Towards ‘EasyFinder’ reprinting copies because of the sales, Ah Dan expressed that he is very angry about that. He feels that this situation is really just part of the whole picture; the most important thing is that the government faces up to the problems and revise the laws. Gillian’s photos are also being shared around on the internet already, so another five hour urgent meeting was called up to figure out ways to stop it.

Gillian Chung herself will also be arriving back in HK from Mainland to discuss the matters of sending out a restraining order to ‘EasyFinder’. Her manager Mani Fok expressed frankly, "One person’s power is too little. Gillian hopes to get support from the Performing Artistes Guild; we will take action together after they’ve called their meetings." Gillian has been in ShenZhen lately still filming ‘Let’s Steal Together’, but she has been very disturbed about this issue. Mani expressed, "I’ve talked to Gillian on the phone; I’ve found that she does feel very exhausted right now. Besides having to film still, the issue is still bothering her. To avoid effecting her more, the workers are restrained from mentioning this incident. Gillian will also be back in HK today." Mani expressed that she has sent a letter to the Hong Kong Press Council yesterday to file a complaint. She hopes that the government can finally pay some serious attention to this incident. Next Monday, she will also attend a press conference, ‘Protect Privacy, Against Secret Filming’.

Gillian’s fans have also formed their own groups of holding strikes. A group of 70 fans stormed up to the office of ‘EasyFinder’ yesterday through the rain, expressing that the filming without permission cannot be allowed nor accepted. They pointed out that each issue of this tabloid has some kind of sexy photos with bad intentions as their cover. The fans encouraged the public to boycott this tabloid and also started stepping and kicking a stuffed dog to satirize the paparrazi. ‘EasyFinder’ has also letters of protests yesterday, but they have not responded. About 20 other Gillian fans went up to the ‘Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority’ and requested for punishment towards ‘EasyFinder’.

Responses of Artistes:

Niki Chow: "The person who took the photos should be taken out on the streets for everyone to see, drown him in a coop, let everyone see how he looks when he doesn’t have anything on! This tabloid doesn’t talk about anything other than boobs and butts! It’s a bad influence on children; there should be a suspension of publication!"

Lydia Shum: "They don’t know how to respect others and themselves; they don’t even know how to write the word ‘respect’. The girl still has get married; how can they invade her privacy? Both Twins are very polite girls and put on a smile for everyone. You guys should say something. (Some of the media went overboard?) The newspapers should express something; this is directly effecting the cultural circle. The false reports are whatever their pens wish to write; it’s a big pain to the victim this time. The public should stop buying this tabloid."

Stephen Au: "This tabloid’s way of doing things is a bad influence to others, like filming under the skirts of females. The whole society’s going to get worse. Don’t think that this secretly filming issue doesn’t concern you; as secretly filming artistes get boring to those people, this kind of actions will slowly crawl over to each citizen."

Rain Li: "This tabloid should take all of the responsibility, and the government should set laws that are more clear and straightforward. The law that we have now has so many grey areas for these crooks to slip through on. Compensations and suspensions of publication both don’t stop these actions; the punishments should be worse in order to stop these actions, as in some prison time."

Wong He: "This issue is no longer just an ET industry issue. It’s a problem that each HK citizen has to face up to. Now that technology has gotten so advanced, similar problems will be bound to occur later on. Suspension of publication and compensations just don’t completely fix the problem. The help of a law and government is still needed."

Credit To Various Newspapers
Translation By Little_Purple_Bell

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