TVB calendar for 2010

Well it’s not even the end month of the year but I have started to wonder if TVB have already screen which celebrity that will make it in the calendar for 2010. Will it be solo type of calendar this time? or will be the same theme where those hot movies actors and actresses group posting? Will keep it posted once there is news released!

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4 Responses to TVB calendar for 2010

  1. vicki says:

    Apparently TVBI is cutting costs this year and will not be publishing TVBI 2010 calendars is this true? Im from Aust and one of the video stores in NSW said this

  2. Ben says:

    In response to Vicki, I am from Australia too, the video stores I go to said there isn’t any back in 2008, before that, they rip the first page out (the page that said not for sell) and sell it, the response wasn’t good as they are suppose to give it out. I think the video store has to pay for it, so they might as well not distribute it. But the 2008 and 2009 wasn’t good calendar as well, who would have print the date side way?

  3. kathyy says:

    yeah, i also heard that tvb wont be producing the tvb 2010 calender.

  4. Snow says:

    my uncle aunt’s video shop .. she told me the samething. TVB not going to have 210 calendar 🙁 too bad i always want it 🙁

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