TVB Calendar 2007 (The Exclusive Gallery)

January: The first month of the year brings high spirits, which is why January features the most artists in its photo spread. Eight TVB artists raise their glasses high, in anticipation of the new year. Amigo said, “The photo’s theme is white, which gives a very comfortable feeling. The Thai graphic designer was also very professional; he was very precise in the amount of champagne poured into each toasting glass. Due to the high production values, everyone was very satisfied with the results.”

February: This photo was taken at the China Club. Although Lunar New Year falls in February, the graphic designer is Thai, so the results combine Chinese and Thai traditions. Sammul Chan said, “Although we were only taking a photo, Liza Wang helped the female artists with their poses to bring out a Chinese woman’s grace.”

March: Sunny Chan has played Hui Man Keung in the remake of “The Bund” before. this photo shoot was easily done. Sunny said, “The Thai team was very professional. When we saw the backdrop, we said ‘Wow!’ since it resembled an oil painting!” Kenneth Ma said, “I feel the same way. Also Linda Chung and Selena Li’s images were so beautiful that I could not recognize them!”

April: Coming from a dancing background, Ron Ng no longer poses as a dancer this time. Instead he is a band player. Matthew Ko said, “My friends and I have formed a band before, but this is the first time I went for the ‘underground’ look. It’s quite refreshing. On the day of the shoot, the weather was quite hot, but both Ron and I had to wear long sleeved shirts.”

May: Steven Ma, Melissa Ng, and Roger Kwok are all dog lovers. Taking the photo with 3 golden retrievers gave the artists a memorable experience. Roger said, “I was very happy taking the photo with the golden retrievers. I have a dog at home too, but these golden retrievers were very cute and well-behaved, making me want to adopt a golden retriever too. Also my image was quite refreshing.”

June: Back to nature, a group of youthful artists, Kate Tsui, Stephen Huynh (Wong Cheung Hing), Lai Lok Yi, and Vivien Yeo lay on the grass. Stephen said, “After finishing our make-up at the studio, we headed over to Lobster Bay for the photo shoot. Compared to HK’s professional stylists, the Thai team was very playful, making the atmosphere fun. This made me less embarrassed as I had to wear tight-fitting boxer style shorts. This is my first time wearing such pants in a photo!”

July: Gigi Lai, Natalie Tong, and Bernice Liu play hot car chicks in the photo. Bernice: “Since we all had to be pulled out from our respective series in order to take the photographs, we didn’t know in advance what type of clothes we would be wearing. The production team even provided the underwear for us. The photo session lasted for 4 hours. At first, I was not comfortable in my green top, but after reviewing the results, I found it to be quite pretty. I was surprised by my own feminity!”

August: Summer time can not lack water play. Kenny Wong, Fala Chan, Bosco Wong, and Francois Huynh are artists filled with sunshine. Sunshine and water, this photo is representative of summer. Kenny: “I love August because it is the month of sun and beach. Before the photos were taken, they put cream on my torso to achieve the desired [glowing] effects. Then all the artists had to jump up and down from the pool. Some cheesy photos were inevitable, but it was a very fun experience.”

September: Please don’t think that the photo was taken in New York. The photo was taken in TVB’s Ancient City, with a set backdrop. Anne Heung: “I rarely appear in such a image and didn’t know I could pull it off. Although the backdrop was very convincing, it was amusing to see people in ancient costumes walking by after we were done with the photos.”

October: When autumn approaches, it’s time to have an ambient picnic outdoors. Vin Choi said, “We took the photo at Lobster Bay. In order to make the results look realistic, they prepared a lot of food for the picnic. Yoyo Mung, Sharon Chan, Charles Szeto, and Lee Tin Chi were all very happy eating.”

November: When Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, and other youthful artists gather together, they hope to have a good time. This photo gives off a disco vibe. Raymond: “In order to produce the disco atmosphere, the production crew played music and danced during the photo shoot. Although the filming location was TVB’s Ancient City, the results look like they were achieved inside a photo studio.”

December: Since Christmas falls in December, it’s time to party! Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Angela Tong, Bobby Au Yeung, Shirley Yeung, and Raymond Cho…the three pairs met up at a club in Central to party. Bobby: “Since I have never worked with Angela Tong before, perhaps she witheld a certain distance. I advised her to drink a glass of wine and listen to music to relax, so she would appear more exuberant in the photo.”

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