TVB Artistes Party – Charmaine is favoured while Kevin had to squeeze his way in

Last night, Charmaine and Roger were at TVB’s artists party, their theme for their performance was [Glittering Days]. Charmaine wore a nice dress and sang [Carmen], while Roger sang [He is not in my heart]. Afterwards during the thank you speeches, Charmaine and Roger were standing in the very front, right beside the one of the TVB’s manager Lok Yik Ling. Lok Yik Ling also went forward and kissed Charmaine on the cheeks, this clearly shows her position as "Yut Jie" in TVB. As for TVB’s own son, Kevin Cheng was standing on the side the whole time, and it wasnt until the final words that Kevin was able to squeeze back into the front row.

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