TVB 2011 Calendar

I was searching high and low for TVB 2010 calendar, last year and I still fail to find one. It seems that they have discontinued the making of such calendar in which pretty sad for most of us. But does that means this year they will stick to their decision and not to product the calendar anymore? There are so many great dramas produced by them this year and new celebrities in the entertainment circle, it would not be hard for them to make up for a 12 months calendar poster which either portrait the drama’s key actors or actresses.

If they really have, I do hope they will ask Roger Kwok, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Wong He, Yoyo Mung, Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung to be featured. What do you think? Have anyone in your mind that you hope to see in the calendar? Or maybe we should come out with our own personalized TVB 2011 calendar since TVB does not produce officials one.

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