TVB 2007 sales presentation news

In the past two months, TVB has been busy filming their new sales presentation and preparing to present them to the advertisers on November 10.

According to news, TVB will be filming a 80 episode modern series next year, and produced by Chik Kei Yi. After 1999’s [At the Threshold of an Era], Catherine Tsang again requested for him to produce a long series. Chik Kei Yi will be taking his favourite cast and crew to South Africa, Aoshima Island (Japan) and other places for outdoor scenes filming. The audiences can expect to be captivated by the beautiful people, scenery and the human nature of the story.

This 80 episode series will be TVB grand production for next year. Officially starting filming in early January, the casts are CKY’s favourites such as Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Wong Hei etc. Because Ada, Gigi, Bowie and Moses have been re-used by CKY in WAB and DOP, there is a possibility that the audiences might feel tired seeing the same faces. CKY is not worried about this: "They are not portraying the same role, plus the plot is brand-new, which revolved around the struggle and rivalry of three sisters in business world. Therefore not worried that the audiences will be bored." They have decided to film the outdoor scenes in South Africa, Aoshima Island and various places in Mainland China.

Apart from CKY grand production, TVB also have other series lined up. One of them is "Sincere Heroes" ??????, which is using the immigration and custom department as the theme. Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Wong Hap Hei has just finished filming the sales presentation clip for this series. On the other hand, Ada Choi lead Shirley Yeung, Anne Heung and Bernice Liu in the sales presentation of "Exquisite Beauty" ??????.

In addition, 60 episodes handover series "The Changing Times" consisted of strong casts like Damien Lau, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma etc, will also be taking its crew to Canada and Beijing for outdoor scenes filming. There is also lunar new year series "Gambler Yi Takes a Wife" lead by Michael Tse, Linda Chung and Wayne Lai, 40 episode series "Sweet Heart Tempest" with Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Mung, Lee Si Kei and Michelle Yim. Plus there is Joey Yung, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tao, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan in "Police Cadets on the Beat", while "Yuk Yim Keng Ching" ?????? by Louisa So, Crystal Tin and Sunny Chan. " Operation Breakthrough" will feature Steven Ma, Ron Ng and Bernice Liu, " Housewife Reinforcement" with Sheren Tang, Cecilia Yip and Michael Tse, and "Super Cops" cast include Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung, Yuen Biao and Kevin Cheng.

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