TVB’s new series temporary name

TVB’s new series temporary name had an costume fitting yesterday at TVB city. Actors that attended were Chin Ka Lok, Louisa So, Sammul Chan, Nancy Wu, Gigi Wong and KK Cheung etc. During the event the cast played games, Chin Ka Lok was blindfolded and had to find Louisa but Mimi Chu who’s play’s the wet nurse ran in front of him, blocking him with her chest. This immediately scared Ka Lok and he is was afraid of touching her with his hands, therefore he ended up touching Bak Yun’s shoulder instead. Afterwards, Louisa and Chin Ka Lok pretended to fight each other but she nearly kicked his private parts. (Asked whether she had kicked his private parts?) He replies “She kicked my thigh”.

It’s been 2 years since Chin Ka Lok had filmed a TVB Series. The reported joked whether it was his first time played the lead in a series? “Actually, I have played a lead role in (A Matter of Business) . (How many years was that?) “Well it’s like The Olympics, it’s every 4 years, so it’s good that it’s not always on. I am very happy as this time they have arranged and personalized an character for me to play. But I will not be too over the top with comedy”.

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