“True Heart Hero” Spotlight

Cast (unconfirmed): Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Lam Ka Wah, Lai Lok Yi, Matthew Ko, Stephen Huynh (Wong Cheung Hing), Wong Hup Hei, Joyce Tang Lai Ming, Tracy Yip Chui Chui, Gao Hung, Evergreen Mak Bao

Serving the Public with Beneficence

In "Always Ready," Lai Lok Yi was a Government Flying Services officer and in the sales presentation clip for "True Heart Hero," he morphed into a customs officer.

"The responsibilities of a customs officer are very broad, such as preventing illicit goods entering the border and dealing with illegal residents in Hong Kong."

"In the sales presentation clip, the topic focused on the rights of Hong Kong citizens. I had to bring my grandmother [from China] to take care of some family matters and while passing through customs, I understand more about the department’s duties."

Evergreen Mak Bao believes that a series about customs-related issues is very meaningful. "Each industry/ occupation has its unique qualities and not everyone will be able to understand its specialized functions. The public misleadingly thinks that customs officers are responsible for patroling the border, but their duties are actually much broader. Hopefully ‘True Heart Hero’ will broaden the public’s understanding."

Selling Point:

The customs department has been quietly taking care of the welfare of Hong Kong society in many aspects of life. "True Heart Hero" will increase the public’s limited understanding of this department’s functions and duties. Also the many joys and hardships of customs officers will be explored.

Plot Synopsis:

The main male character has always believed in dedicating his life to serve the public. He vowed to become a police officer, however his dream could not be realized. He ended up working in the customs department and realized that customs serve an equally important role in the public’s well-being.

While working in the customs department, he resolves numerous cases involving a prostitution ring, an international crime syndicate, and assists overseas Hong Kong citizens in danger.

He reunites with a childhood friend from the past, who is currently a police officer. Outwardly, their professions may make them the ideal partnership. But privately, their conflicting beliefs challenge their relationship. Facing numerous confrontations, how will their friendship be impacted?

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