Triumph In the Skies 2 衝上雲宵 II Censored scene

The movie indeed get the most say around and I’ve been hearing people talking about it throughout the movie showing. It have even made some impact to some, where one looked forward to watch the following episode eagerly everyday in front of the screen. It’s undeniable that it was a famous movie, period.

I wouldn’t comment much on the movie since it have been finished airing, for those of you who are interested but have not watch the movie yet, you probably wants to grab a recorded version. I guess it’s easily accessible through Google. For those of you who are residing in the same country as I am (Malaysia), and watched the drama through Astro, you might have missed one scene that got filtered/censored. You might have watched it through other source then you probably can ignore the clip below. However, if you have not watch it or curious to know which scene got censored, below is the clip posted on youtube:

That’s not all, if you’re still on fever with the drama, you probably might be interested with the post interview of RazorTV and Fala Chen.

And did you know in one of the latest Jay Chou’s concert just last month, September 2013, Chi Lam was one of the invited singer whom both sang together Flying high song (OST of Triumph in the skies 1 by Eason Chan). The clip was taken from the concert (I guess by one of attendees) and posted on youtube:

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