Trademark right on name “SE7EN”

Top singer Se7en, who’s now aiming for American market, is sailing through processes necessary for issuing an album, such as obtaining trademark right on his name “SE7EN” in US music market.

His management company, YG Entertainment’s representative said, “On September 20th in America, Se7en’s name is registered for the trademark right. Processes necessary for his future activities in US are going well.”

Earlier this year, a singer/actor Rain (Bi) postponed his concerts in US since an application for provisional disposition was filed against him.

Se7en is also focusing on prior-to-debut promotion, since his recording is almost near the final stage.

Under the direction of Mark Shimmel, who made big stars like Usher, T.L.C., and Tony Blackstone, Se7en is currently recording with Rich Harrison, who wrote “Crazy in Love” for Beyonce.

Also, recently, Noise Trip joined Se7en’s production team, who participated in Black Eyed Peas and Fergie’s album. It’s also known that they are about to bring another big producer on the team.

Se7en, who’s planning to announce his debut album at the end of this year, is joining parties sponsored by American broadcast companies and music companies to focus on advertising himself.

YG said, “Se7en’s getting hot attention from American women at the parties and is being recognized and appealing as a ‘man’ now.”

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