Tracy Ip back on the Catwalk

Having hailed from the modelling world, it has been two years since Tracy Ip last walked down the catwalk, but she was invited to be a guest model for the Episode, Jessica and Episode Studio Autumn/Winter collection show yesterday. The organisers had arranged for her to appear first and also for her to stand in the centre during the curtain call and she says: “They all treated me very well and they let me go into hair later so I didn’t have to wait and they also allowed a private space for me to get changed in. Of course I am happy to stand in the middle. They will also be sponsoring some of my clothes.” She laughs that it is easy to get fat at TVB, so she has had to lose around six or seven pounds for this event. However, maybe she was too nervous and this led to a lack of a smile and she seemed like she was running away from someone on the stage.

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