Top star Se7en changes into a rocker

Se7en, who will be having a solo concert on April 7 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium, will change into rocker in the said event. His songs will be arranged from soft rock to rock versions.

He in also planned to have guitar and keyboard sessions in the concert, which will be Se7en’s last stage in Korea for this year. During his concert last year, the Korean R&B singer showed off his skills in playing the drums.

Se7en did not rest for at least a day after the filming of “Palace S” and immediately rushed into practice and is already busy with the new versions of his songs.

He is currently arranging his songs into different genres like hip hop and trance and it is also planned that he will be performing dance remix versions of “Nan Arayo” and “La La La”.

“The things Se7en has not shown in the past will be showcased in this new concert. He also did not sleep just to practice playing the instruments and singing. A lot of work is really put into this concert since the choreography and arrangements of songs are new,” according to a YG personnel.

Se7en shared that after this concert, he will be busy with his activities in Japan and US.

BIG BANG is Se7en’s guest in the concert and planned to perform the song "La La La".

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