Top Singers to Make Comebacks in Fall

Several top singers will make comebacks this fall. Ballad singer Shin Seung-hoon will release his tenth album in early October after more than a two-year hiatus. Shin, who this year marks the 16th anniversary of his debut, is currently puttng finishing touches of his upcoming album and has set the date for his concerts–October 14-15.

Singer Kim Gun-mo is preparing songs for his new album slated for release by late October. He plans to receive songs from famous songwriters Yoon Il-sang and Hwang Chan-hee.

The planned comebacks of Shin and Kim have already drawn the spotlight as the two have much in common and will likely be rivals when they release their new albums. Both born in 1968 and having the O blood type, the two singers even used to be managed by the same agency. They both released their ninth albums in 2004 and have created extensive fan bases among people of various age groups, who recognize them not only for their outstanding singing skills but also for their wit.

Singer Lee Seung-chul, known for his impressive live singing skills, will release a new album in mid-September, while ballad singer Lee Su-young will release an album sometime in September or October. Sexy star Lee Hyo-lee will also make a comeback in fall with a digital single, while Park Jung-hyun will release her sixth album after a year-long hiatus. Ballad singer Sung Shi-kyung will present his new album in early October.

Top dance singers Rain, who is currently shooting his first movie, and Seven, who is preparing his debut in the United States, will release their fourth albums in mid-October. Both tall and gentle-looking, Rain and Seven are also alumni from the same high-school. But as singers popular in the entire Asian region, they have emerged as each other

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