“Tokyo Trial” Receives Warm Welcome in Shanghai

‘Tokyo Trial’ – the Chinese movie based on the historical event – has been showing in Shanghai movie theatres since September the 1st. And it’s received a firm thumbs-up from local cinema-goers! Box office receipts have topped those of all other movies over the same time period.

Compared with the 50 yuan it costs to see most films being shown in cinemas these days, the thirty yuan being charged to see "Tokyo Trial" is obviously a temptation for the public.

Since the movie hit theatres on September 1st, box office receipts for "Tokyo Trial" have surpassed those of all other movies being shown at the same time.

Qian Jianping is an official in charge of film distribution with the Shanghai Film Group Corporation.

"Almost every box office of the film shown in cinemas is very high. The seating rate in every show is close to 80 to 90 percent, way more than some imported Hollywood movies."

The producers, together with Shanghai United Cinema Lines, the city’s largest cinema chain, are showing the movie thirteen times in a row, something unprecedented in the history of domestic film releases. Obviously this decision was made on the basis of the film’s popularity with the public. Many are even coming to see it in family groups.

"I come with my grandma and my mom. This morning I told my grandma that I am going to watch the movie today, and she was quite excited and said she want to see it too."

"Tokyo Trial", directed by Gao Qunshu, retells the history of the two-year long trial of 28 Japanese war criminals in the aftermath of the Second World War. It portrays the Chinese Judge, Mei Rui’ao as managing to persuade the jury and all other judges in the International Military Tribunal to sentence seven of the accused to death by hanging, including former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and General Kenji Doihara. Many of those who saw the film said it made them feel a closer attachment to China, and some parents said they would bring their children for educational purposes.

"I have already decided to take my child here, let him have the education."

At the same time, according to Qian Jianping, the movie has elicited interest from Japanese film distributors. He says many have contacted their Chinese counterparts to discuss details of distribution cooperation. He predicted that the film would be shown publicly in Japan in the first half of next year.

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