“Tokyo Trial” Opens Court in Beijing

The all-star cast turned up to share their experiences with the audience when director Gao Qunshu’s historic Chinese epic "Tokyo Trial" Gao Qunshu premiered in Beijing on Tuesday. ??

Hong Kong veterans Damian Lau and Kenneth Tsang, Kelly Lam and Tse Kwan-Ho, starred in the film alongside Ken Zhu from the Taiwan boy band F4 and Chinese mainland actor Ying Da. ??

Damian Lau told us about his role as the Chinese Judge Mei Ru’ao.

"Doctor Mei is a person with strong ethical spirit and national pride. He’s representing his country as it deals with a significant international affair, so he has to bear the burden of heavy pressure. If he had no such impulse in his inner heart, he might not solve the problems well. He is wise and calm in all his dealings." ??

The movie centers around the trial of top Japanese war criminals at the International Military tribunal for the Far East nearly 60 years ago.

Rather than violently condemning the war crimes carried out by the invading Japanese troops, the film focused on personal stories and the pain the war inflicted on Chinese and Japanese civilians.

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