Tightly guarded, Jerry Yan could only flash his smiles

Nuts about Jerry Yan.

Taiwanese Star of Jerry Yan returned to Indonesia. Aboard China Airlines that exactly landed at 8:25pm, an F4 member landed at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, in Jakarta, last Friday night. Jerry was welcomed by 120 fans from the Jerry Yan Family Indonesia (JYFI). They who came by two buses arrived at 6 pm to patiently wait for the arrival of the actor Dao Ming Shi in the TVserial Meteor Garden.

Apart from JYFI, other groups who initially did not learn on Jerry’s arrival then joined in the waiting. According to sources, belasan fans of Jerry Yan from overseas been waiting inside the airport since 11:00 am. They consisted of eight Taiwanese and 10 other people from Hong Kong and Japan.

Several minutes before Jerry emerged, JYFI has been ready with the banners and small flags where there were pictures and messages for Jerry Yan. There was also written I love you (I Love You). More than that, JYFI has practised singing songs of Jerry Yan.

Around 8:45 pm, the handsome man that everybody waited for finally emerged.
Love, Jerry’s face was covered by a chocolate-coloured hat and was tightly guarded by ten men with sturdy body wearing what seems to be safari-colored clothes The guard brought Jerry at once without giving him the opportunity to greet the fans. Jerry only saw the group for a moment “berbaju oranye” this, then smiled. While being tightly guarded, Jerry was continously pursued by fans untill finally he entered a silver Toyota Alphard B car 7 RI

The fans, mostly TEENAGERs shouted hysterically from afar. Among them are several girls who in fact strucked the windscreen hoping to get attention from Jerry. In the meantime, JYFI had since tried to keep order but could not give the flowers that has been prepared especially for Jerry. Moreover, they yelled and the song that was planned to be sung wasnt done. “Ow, boro-boro singing.”

Like when they saw him, they immediately forgot all of them, said Indigo, one of the JYFI members from Surabaya, who gasped for breath after running and chasing Jerry.
Endang, another JYFI member, admitted she got disappointed with the security system that was too tight. Nevertheless, her disappointment was compensated because she has in her pocket the ticket to watch the concert of Jerry Yan and Agnes Monica that took place last night at the Sands International Executive Club (SIEC).

“Moderately disappointed, but yes her efforts paid off”
What a pity if I did not had the ticket to watch because this of the only way I can see Jerry, she explained.
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