They’re not an item, says Jang Nara’s dad,

TALK had it that Korean singer Jang Nara and Taiwanese actor-singer Peter Ho are dating, but her father has come out to deny the speculation.

Nara’s dad, who is also her manager, posted a message on her official website insisting that ‘they are nothing more than good friends’, reported My Daily.

Rumours started flying last year, when Nara,26, starred in one of Peter’s music videos. She also flew to Taiwan recently to lend support to his new album launch, while he has promised to guest-star in her upcoming concert.

Then again, all this might only be a publicity stunt aimed at increasing their media exposure, since both need the extra mileage to boost their musical comebacks.

Nara has just launched a new Korean album in her home country, after spending her last few years concentrating on the China market and releasing Chinese albums.

Peter, 32, who has been busy filming in China, is returning to Taiwan’s Mandopop scene after a seven-year break.

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