Theresa Fu, Louisa So and Vanessa Yeung at “Beautiful Cooking”

Theresa Fu, Louisa So and Vanessa Yeung were the latest guests on “Beautiful Cooking”, where Michael Miu and Hui Siu Hung were the judges. They held a special ‘Dragon Beard Candy’ making contest and when Theresa made her attempt, host Ronald Cheng laughed that this was her manager Paco Wong’s head and his wild hair, causing a lot of laughter from the audience. When they moved on to cook “Sweet Sour and Hot Roasted Fish Lips”, Louisa seemed to be possessed by a Kitchen God as she chopped the fish and the vegetables up like an expert. This left the hosts dumbfounded and Edmond Leung could do nothing but praise her. When the judges tasted her food, they all agreed that it was delicious, awarding her with 10 points all round, making Louisa the highest scoring contestant of the series. Although Louisa is a good cook, she says that she is afraid of toads, chickens, ducks, geese, crabs and fish – anything that is still moving. She also reveals that she has a bad childhood memory about chickens because she used to help her mother to slaughter chickens.

Theresa was suffering from gastroenteritis, so she was feeling rather weak after just eating congee. She was unable to chop the fish head. When Ronald told her to sniff her hand, she exclaimed that it smelled nice, so Edmond suggested that this is ‘Fish Head Perfume’, again creating more laughs. Finally, Theresa managed to chop the fish head with some help from Edmond.

Michael has expectations for food and he never eats innards, fishy smelling food and spring onion. When he was told that some of the girls on the show have produced raw food for the judges, Michael seemed a litlee worried, but he said he was full of confidence for Louisa, saying: “I am her fan and I often see her in the kitchen. She really is presentable in the kitchen and outside. Asked how his wife Jamie Chik’s cooking is, he was full of praises for her, saying that she likes to cook abalone, but they will only have it once in a long while, because it takes a long time to prepare.

Ronald was asked about the suggestions that his rumoured girlfriend Charlene Choi from the pop duo Twins was interested in coming onto the show, but Ronald replied that he has no intention of inviting her because you cannot split up Twins, but if they both come on, they would be depriving other pretty girls of the chance to go onto the show

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