The Price to Watch the Duet of Jerry Yan and Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica will appear on stage with one of the Taiwanese boyband F4 members, Jerry Yan. It was confirmed that both of them will be at the “Stars Night” at the Sands International Executive Club (SIEC), Jakarta, this coming July 22.

In this event, the stage will just be for Jerry and Agnes. There will be no other artists besides them. “This indeed the concert for the two of them,” said Stella Octaviani, SIEC HOMEWORK, when contacted yesterday.

Stella added that Agnes and Jerry were the young artists who are loved by many. Added to that, continued Stella, both of them have known each other so it’s predicted that it could give the guests exciting music. Agnes played as Jerry’s opponent in TV serial The Hospital. (nah, she plays a supprt role for as a patient in the series)

“It was again more important that they entered the international market.” Because, we indeed want to even made it to an international scale, he revealed.

Agnes ieagerly welcomed it at once when she was asked to appear with Jerry. According to Stella, Agnes was seen happy. Added to that, the tentative schedule did not collide with Agnes

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