The no. 1 MV Koreans want to see again

A Korean music cable channel, which has been on air for 12 years now and aired a little more than 7,000 music videos, held a survey and asked which music video the viewers would want to watch again.

In the survey, which was held from March 9 to 21, 69,000 Netizens participated and approximately 29,000 voted for Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man”, which placed the popular group on top of the ranking.

The 2nd spot was conquered by SG Wanna Be’s “Partner For Life”, followed by Lee Hyo Lee and (Shinhwa) Eric’s "Anymotion", Fly to the Sky’s “Sea of Love” ranked 4th and Se7en’s “La La La” placed 5th.

These videos, which entered the chart will be broadcasted this April.

Music videos of DJ DOC, Seo Tae Ji, Jo Sung Mo, H.O.T and S.E.S still held places in the Top 100, which proved that their popularity has not changed.

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